Landlord – Tenant

Do you need a capable real estate attorney to handle your Landlord – Tenant issues? At James Pleasants, P.C., we recognize that residential and commercial tenancies are inherently difficult and problems often arise. We use a practical approach to assist both Landlords and Tenants in resolving disputes during and after the tenancy.

Practice Area

Attorneys James and Nick Pleasants provide counsel to Landlords and Tenants on all aspects of residential and commercial tenancy law. The Washington Residential Landlord-Tenant Act (Ch. 59.18 RCW) can be challenging to understand and adhere to for both parties. James Pleasants P.C. works to explain the rights and obligations of everyone involved in the tenancy and makes sure they are being followed. This can often be a simple letter to the Landlord or Tenant explaining what they need to do. However, when more serious legal action is required, our firm has the knowledge and experience to vigorously advocate on your behalf in court.

How a Landlord-Tenant Attorney Can Help

Landlord – Tenant law is tricky and involves a lot of notice and timing issues. James Pleasants P.C. will provide the forms and advice you need to enforce your rights. We provide timely and compassionate assistance as you go through this difficult situation. We tailor our service so you can be involved as much or as little as you want. Above all else we strive to make sure our services are affordable so you can trust and rely on our help.

About Attorney Nick Pleasants

Nick Pleasants graduated from the University of Washington School of Law in 2015 with a Masters of Tax Law and a Juris Doctorate. Since then, he has become a member of the Washington State Bar Association and King County Bar Association. He volunteers with the KCBA regularly and appears in court every month helping Tenants assert their rights and working with Landlords to quickly and affordably resolve tenancy disputes. Nick Pleasants grew up in the Seattle area and enjoys working and living in this community. Call today to see how he can help you affordably resolve your dispute.

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