Guide to Executing Documents at Home

To ensure proper execution of documents, we are continuing to offer in person signing appointments at either our Bellevue or Snoqualmie locations. However, if you prefer, you can sign your estate planning documents on your own, with or without a notary.


  • Select 2 witnesses that are not receiving anything from your estate.
  • Ask them to witness your signature.
  • Tell them “I declare this to be my will and request that you witness it as such”
  • Initial each page in the bottom left hand corner
  • Sign your full name on the second to last page, and date it
  • Witnesses sign on the last page, and fill in their names, date, and the city where signed.
  • If using a notary for your Powers of Attorney, the notary can be a witness (1 of the 2)

Powers of Attorney

  • Sign your full name on the last page and fill in the date
  • If using a notary, then the notary signs below you
  • If not using a notary, then 2 witnesses sign below you

Health Care Directive

  • Select on the first page whether or not you want artificial nutrition and hydration
  • Sign your full legal name on the last page
  • 2 witnesses sign below your signature

Community Property Agreement

  • If your estate plan includes a Community Property Agreement, this must be notarized
  • Both spouses sign in front of the notary, then the notary signs below


  • For all documents: make sure to fill in the date
  • Please send us a copy of all executed documents for your file