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The Trust Agreement is the key document in many estate plans that directs where your property will go when you die. Although a Last Will and Testament can accomplish this, a Will is subject to probate rules and requires court fees and legal fees for your executor to hire a lawyer to handle the court probate process. Many clients want to set up their executor for seamless estate administration after their passing, and a Trust Agreement will create a smooth process for distributing your assets.

Pleasants Law Firm can help ensure your future is planned and protected. We tailor our services to meet your needs and goals using a variety of estate planning tools. One of these tools can be helping to set up a trust.

What is a trust?

A Trust Agreement appoints a fiduciary to administer your assets after you pass away or become incapacitated. During your lifetime, you are typically the Trustee and maintain full control of all of your assets. The Trust Agreement can be organized in several ways to specify how and when assets will pass to beneficiaries.

Why do I need a trust?

A Trust Agreement will help your heirs avoid probate, which means your family will not have to go to court to authenticate your will after your death in order to get access to your assets. Trust Agreements pay for themselves saving your loved ones the court fees, legal fees, time and money that would be required in probate.

Pleasants Law Firm can help ensure your future is planned & protected.