Although going through a divorce is an emotional experience filled with ups and downs, there are always practical issues to be addressed. Often, distributing property and deciding on child custody add extra stress to divorce. With James Pleasants P.C., our clients get a personalized experience along with good legal advice. We do our best to make divorce as smooth as possible.

Bellevue Divorce Attorney: Non-Adversarial Alternatives to Court Trial

Sometimes, a legal separation is what’s needed for couples. This way, couples can take time off from each other for a cooling off period. We assist clients with drafting up a legal separation along with outlining financial needs when one partner is dependent on the other. Legal separations can be converted to dissolution later if one spouse decides to remarry.

Once a court petition has been filed, we will use mediation as an alternative method instead of an expensive court trial. There are several advantages to mediation. It is less time consuming and more cost effective than trial. In addition, mediation allows partners to work out their differences in a non-combative manner. We choose an experienced, neutral third party mediator to help facilitate discussion and resolve issues, such as child support and the dividing up of assets. Once all the necessary discovery has been completed, the mediation can often be accomplished in a day, and is the quickest way to reach an agreed settlement. If a non-adversarial process doesn’t work, then going to court is the next option.

James Pleasants P.C.: Experienced Trial Lawyers

When couples cannot reach an agreed settlement with mediation, we stand ready to vigorously prepare for trial. Complex issues like dividing up large estates, valuable assets and relocation if there are children involved are just some of the tough topics that sometimes cannot be resolved through non-adversarial processes.

Litigation for divorce proceedings are like any other trial. Witnesses are called to the stand and must provide honest and accurate answers. The opposing party’s attorney also has the right to cross examine any witnesses. Sometimes experts are required, such as an appraiser to set the value of real estate. At James Pleasants P.C., we are skilled in cross examinations, courtroom dialogue and witness preparation. We know how get the best out of witness testimony and promote our client’s best interests.

If you’re considering divorce, be sure to call us at the law firm of James Pleasants P.C. We’re always happy to take the time to listen and give the best legal advice for each and every one of our clients.

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