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James Pleasants P.C. is a law firm where people consult with experienced Estate Planning attorneys to decide how to set up plans for management of their estate after death or during a period of incapacity. People often are confused about Estate Planning and what it means. The word “estate” actually has several meanings besides just land or a house on land.

Beyond that basic real property definition, estate also refers to a person’s total net worth, the total of all assets and property owned, plus non-tangible property and other personal items that you might wish to pass along to heirs after you die. Estate Planning is something everyone should do, even at a younger age or if you believe you only have a small estate.

James Pleasants P.C.

Attorney James Pleasants owns and operates a friendly General Practice law firm with offices in Bellevue and Snoqualmie serving clients across the Eastside. Many clients first come in to get advice about protecting and preserving their assets and property through Estate Planning. Mr. Pleasants works with every client on an individual basis, creating affordable, personalized solutions for Estate Planning, Family Law, Business, Real Estate and Criminal matters.

Bellevue Estate Planning Attorney

The main purpose of Estate Planning is preserving the assets you have worked so hard to create during your lifetime. This does include land and buildings, but it also includes items that may not be tangible, such as legal rights, interests and entitlements to real or other types of property and more. Plans also cover property that is located out of state or out of country.

By consulting with us to draft valid documents that will withstand future challenges, you get peace of mind today by knowing that, if you are unable to manage your own affairs, everything will be taken care of the way you want. Likewise, you can avoid many expensive Probate and taxation issues by doing Estate Planning now, which helps your heirs deal with their inheritance of your estate after you die.

Typical items that are included in Estate Planning documents include the following:

  • Disposition of real property and personal property
  • Cash assets, personal belongings
  • Rights, Interests, entitlements – non-tangible elements of your estate
  • Health Care Directives – to direct your care if you are incapacitated
  • Powers of Attorney – to manage the estate if you cannot
  • Assignment of Estate Administrators, Executors
  • Wills & Trusts – revocable, irrevocable, life estates

In addition to these matters, Attorney James Pleasants helps clients set up estate plans that minimize taxation through joint ownership with rights of survivorship, and he can also advise you about insurance and other legal options that affect your legacy.

Learn about affordable options for your Estate Planning at the law firm of James Pleasants, P.C. Call us now at (425) 615-7070 in Bellevue or in the Snoqualmie Valley at 888-9122.

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